Strategic Initiatives

Vision Statement

We will be recognized as the premier Area Agency on Aging (AAA) and Aging and Disability Resource Center (ADRC) in Northern New England. 

Core Values

Dignity: We believe that each person possesses inherent nobility and worth that demands a natural respect.  We are committed to each consumer’s right to choose what they need to live a complete and healthy life.

Professionalism: Our staff and volunteers are the essential strength of our services.  Our staff and volunteers are well trained and of excellent character. As a learning organization, our staff will employ proven methods and will aspire to the highest standards in providing services to our consumers.  

Integrity: We expect to be accountable to the consumers and communities we serve. Spectrum Generations adheres to highest ethical standards in its work and relationships. We will work hard to earn the complete trust and confidence of our consumers, their families and the greater community each and every day.  We will always be a conscientious steward of the financial resources entrusted to us by the federal and state government, philanthropic institutions and organizations, and individual donors.

Overarching Strategies

Actively engage the people of Central Maine, across the entire generational spectrum, in a continuous dialogue in redefining how older and disabled adults live healthy, socially enjoyable and independent lives.   Our programs and services will be innovative and entrepreneurial.  They will identify Spectrum Generations as the primary source for solutions to the challenges that aging and disabilities present that touch all families, our neighbors and our communities.  Spectrum Generations is to be viewed as an indispensible asset to the community and household name for all residents of Central Maine.

Guiding Strategic Principles

  1. We are here to assist adults of all ages and backgrounds along their path to living well. Whether an active adult, a caregiver, or a senior in need of assistance, we will offer a variety of fresh and evidence based programs and services that will assist our consumers in living to the fullest through all of life’s stages.
  2. We hire and retain the best staff; we are committed to their continuing professional education.
  3. We value our volunteers; for without them we would not be able to meet our mission.
  4. We strongly believe in collaborating and partnering with other organizations and individuals in order to maximize results. We actively seek out others who can join and assist us in meeting the needs of older and disabled adults in Central Maine.
  5. We continually educate and inform the public on the issues and challenges facing the aging and disabled community of Central Maine and identify how our services/activities and those of our partnering organizations can meet those needs.
  6. We are responsible managers of the financial resources entrusted to us and will comply with all legal financial requirements and maintain public trust. All strategic initiatives and projects will be fiscally vetted to ensure that they will only add to the financial strength of Spectrum Generations.

Spectrum Generations Strategic Plan Fical Years 2013 to 2016