Caregivers Are Special People

A family caregiver is anyone who provides unpaid help to a disabled or elderly relative or friend. Family caregivers can also include grandparents and relatives over 60 who care for children under 18 years of age.

Caregiving can be a lonely, frustrating road.  Stress, frustration, guilt......  These can be some of the normal feelings when caring for someone else's health and personal needs.  It can be a physical and emotional challenge, and time consuming. 

It's okay to ask for help.  Spectrum Generations Family Caregiver Support Program is here to listen, to care, to help.  To find out how Spectrum Generations can assist you, call our Consumer Helpline at 1-800-639-1553, TTY: 1-800-464-8703.

The thirst for (caregiver) training[Courtesy of Maine Today Newspapers]
“They’re (caregivers) overwhelmed. Every day is like a different tsunami. It’s just a 24-7 chronic, stressful situation,” said Christine Merchant, the state’s grant manager for the program. The participants leave the training knowing how to interpret behaviors associated with dementia, tap into the support services available to them and take better care of themselves.  Read full story....

The following services can be provided to caregivers, community groups and employers:

Additional Resources to Help You on Your Caregiving Journey

Connections (.pdf): A Guide for Family Caregivers in Maine.