Sometimes a good meal and a quick check-in is what your loved one needs.  Our Nationally-recognized, We Sustain Maine program, delivers 5 hot and nutritiously balanced meals a week with two check-ins.   

Do I qualify?

Anyone can receive these home delivered meals.  If you are 60 + years of age, and/ or disabled, are homebound, and unable to cook and/or shop for yourself then you can receive these meals through Meals on Wheels for a donation of your choosing.  If you do not meet this criteria, you can still receive these meals for only $30 a week. 

How do I apply?

You, a family member, or a professional caregiver may apply by telephone by calling 1-800-876-9212 and speaking to a Bridges Representative.  They willmake sure you are connected to the appropriate person for your town.  The process only takes a few minutes, and the intake person will be asking for information such as your name, address, phone number, and health status. Certain information is required by the State of Maine, however all information is kept confidential.

Our Home Delivered Meals assessor will visit you in your home within 9 days of the start of receiving your meals. And in six months you will receive a phone call to update your file. And each year the assessor will return for a home visit to re-assess your eligibility and assists you with referrals for other services you may need.

What kinds of meals are served?

Our meals provide 1/3 of the Recommended Dietary Allowance for adults. We are also able to provide special diabetic meals as needed. Nutritious menus are planned and approved by a registered dietician. Meals are low in fat and prepared with no added salt. Meals are carefully monitored for food safety and nutrition standards.

Food is delivered hot and ready to eat. The meal should be eaten as soon as it is delivered, as this is when it is at its nutritional best. If needed, meals can be safely frozen and re-heated in a microwave or conventional oven without destroying nutrients.  Due to the packaging, do NOT use a toaster oven or stovetop to reheat.

When are meals delivered?

Volunteer drivers deliver the meals on Wednesdays. Additional frozen meals are delivered for your other weekday meals. Your driver will also deliver a monthly menu for your review.

What if I can’t be home during the delivery time?

We CANNOT leave a meal for you if you are not home. Part of our mission is to see each of our clients when we deliver the meal. We want to confirm that you are safe. We also do not want to risk food-borne illness by leaving meals out without knowing when they will be refrigerated or consumed.

If you have a medical appointment or other appointment during the delivery time, call the office the day before. You may ask a neighbor to accept the meal for you. Or we may make other arrangements for delivery.

Can I suspend service for a couple of days without being cancelled from the program?

Yes. I you need to cancel your meals for an extended time. i.e. family visiting, hospital stay etc. try to notify us least 2 days in advance if possible. We also recommend a 2 day notification to resume your meals.  Suspensions may occur for up to 3 weeks at a time.

Is there a meal cost and how do I pay?

Our meal cost is $5.52 to prepare and deliver. The suggested donation is $5.00 per meal. However, no-one is ever denied a meal if unable to pay.

Your delivery driver will leave you an envelope weekly. You may place your donation cash or check in the envelope to insure your complete privacy. You may also pay for your meal with food stamps. For more information about how to apply for food stamps, please ask your meals assessor for details.