Testimonials From Our Consumers


"I don't have the phyiscal stamina to prepare meals anymore. I was just grabbing anything to fill an empty hole. Thanks to meals on wheels, I eat healthy, well-balanced meals again. I don't even have to do the dishes. Your service is greatly appreciated. Thank you."

--Meals on Wheels Recipient

"I thank you for all the wonderful meals. The people who deliver are wonderful people. They are so kind. I do drink my juices and milk and I wouldn't otherwise. The food is very good and I get to eat, that's a plus. Thank you very much!"

-- Meals on Wheels Recipient, Somerset County

"For the past 3 weeks I have been trying to find information about mental health resources and have been getting a run around.  I called your company last night and got a return call in the morning from Sandra Labelle.  She was amazing!  She pointed me in a direction, gave me names and numbers - and HOPE.  She also made sure I could call her back for any reason.  Thank you so much for all the work you people do and thank you for Sandra."

-- Parent of disabled child

“I want to thank you folks very much for all the good you do for me and for many others.  May you be as healthy and joyous as you help us to be.  Your help means more and more in the bad economy – just earlier this month my freezer was completely empty except for a few of your frozen meals, which I saved.  You will never know just how much you are appreciated (or by how many).”

--Meals on Wheels Recipient, Kennebec County

"There are so many aspects to Medicare I was worried I would forget something, plus it was so confusing.  You will never know how relieved I am to have had help from your Aging and Disabiltiy Resource person in Rockland to figure this out.  Thank you!"

Medicare beneficiary, Knox County

“Before your program, my mother had nothing to talk about when I got home from work.  Now she talks about what she did all day.” 

--Caregiver of Adult DayBreak Participant, Waldo County

"My Bridges Home Care worker takes me grocery shopping once a week and then stays with me on her own time to eat lunch.  It's the only time I don't have to eat alone.  I can't thank her enough!"

Bridges Home Care client, Kennebec County

“Words cannot express enough my gratitude for all I received from you and the agency over the past few years.”

--Retiree, Somerset County

"I am confined to a wheelchair and 60 yrs old and my husband is 64 yrs.  I guess we are Senior Citizens!  I really enjoy it when the Meals on Wheels volunteers come.  I have a dream that maybe I'll be able to get up and just walk.  Instead I must try to be the best I can!"

Meals on Wheels recipient, Waldo County

"The SAVVY Caregiver workshop has helped me be more confident in my caregiver skills and more relaxed in dealing with situaions."

Caregiver, Lincoln County

“The Meals on Wheels program is heaven sent.  My father-in-law lived alone and needed assistance.  The staff and volunteers were wonderful with him.  They even looked out for him if they felt he was in a dangerous situation.”

--Family of Meals on Wheels Recipient, Sagadahoc County

"The Living Well workshop gave me solid skills on how to improve and manage my health and how to talk to doctors."

Living Well workshop participant, Sagadahoc County

“Thanks so much for all your help.  You are the first people who have given me hope on facing my problems.”

--Help Line Customer, Knox County

“Seniors no longer need to become stagnant, lonely individuals.  As you enter a community center, you realize that doors to many opportunities are opening.  There are opportunities for service, for fellowship, for assistance and for ventures into new adventure in art, exercise, and writing.  Opportunities to be excited about, living in the NOW!”

--Center Visitor, Lincoln County

“I will never not support Spectrum Generations financially, because I know what wonderful work they do and what a difference they have made in others’ lives.”

--Spectrum Generations Donor, Somerset County