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Tech solutions for mainting elders indpendence and giving caregivers peace of mind. 8 top apps for our aging neighbors.



It's true: You're shrinking as you age.




Your self sufficiency is the biggest gift you can give yourself.



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 Life experience deepens us, so embrace aging. Why not to lie about your age.



Sassy Senior Sisters, ages 101 and 96, spend some hilarious quality time together.


A new twist on senior communities. Homes that focus on wellness and quality of life.



Spectrum Generations is awarded $1,250.00 grant from Meals on Wheels America!



Does someone you know, a senior or adult with a disability, display any warning signs of mistreatment? Read these Red Flags of Abuse.



 Tips for how to keep the years from flying by as we get older.



6 things caregivers must do while there's still time. Gain peace of mind and prevent future problems by taking steps now.



The number of seniors threatened by hunger has doubles since 2001, and it's only going to get worse.



Personal Supports for the elderly in Jeopardy. In order to let the elderly receive in-home care, wages must rise.




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