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10 Life Lessons we often learn to late.
The world opens as seniors embrace the internet. Teenagers teach tech to these elders in this inspiring film.
How much forgetfulness is normalIf your memory problems include forgetting people's names and where you put the keys, you may be able to rest easy.
6 questions to ask before an aging parent moves in. Prepare yourself and make sure you can accompany their needs.
 The worlds best places to retire
 Who will care for Childless Boomers? Many grow old with no one to look after them.
The Grown-Ups Guide to Music Festivals - "Finding a new band they love makes them feel young again and the experience is an adventure they’ll talk about for years to come."
Caregivers today are no "spring chickens" themselves. A first look at the world of a caregiver.
Recap of White House Conference on Aging. A culmination of new ideas and initiatives.
In honor of World Elder Abuse Awarencess month, here are 12 things that everyone can do to prevent elder abuse.
Fran Drescher, the Cancer Schmancer survivor, offers tips on how to be an empowered caregiver.
How to Create Meaning in Dementia Care.
Watch this couple's love grow, as a make-up team transforms them from their 20's to their 90's.
 Dutch nursing home offers rent free housing to students. 
Playgrounds for seniors are popping up around the US!
Oregon family says they were kicked off United flight due to autistic daughters behavior.
Drop-In chefs help seniors stay in their own home by coming to their homes and making them nutritious meals for the whole  week!
 Why the Arts Are the Key to Dementia Care.
 Socializing in middle and old age may protect against cognitive decline.
 9 Signs You're Not Saving Enough for Retirement.
 Knowing when an elderly parent needs to stop. How do we know when it's time to take the keys
 It turns out the brain ages just like the rest of our body and, just like the body, the brain benefits from physical activity.
 When Your Aging Parents Are Resisting Help. Take these steps to reduce frusteraion - for all of you.
The Cheaters Guide to Living to 100. Read More
  Our Opinion: Maine Senior Housing is falling behind. Read More
Waterville forum on housing draws crowd (Maine Today Media-January 20, 2015)
Grandma Going Through Chemo Knits Herself A Head of Hair
Seeking Stories and Photos of Inspiring Grandparents (Huffington Post collecting info to celebrate Grandparent Day on Sept 7th)
Meals on Wheels needs volunteer drivers  Spectrum Generations is looking for people to deliver meals in Kennebec and Somerset counties.
Lessons About Love I Learned From People With Alzherimer's  People with Alzheimer's have taught me a lot about love over the years. I learned that they may remember past love and also experience love in the present -- even if they don't talk anymore and even during the last days of their lives.