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Nutrition Services

We Sustain Maine

Locally procured food sustains better nutrition of Maine’s older adults, sustains the market for Maine’s farmers, and sustains Maine’s economy by buying locally, it’s a triple win!

At Spectrum Generations, we believe that no older adult should ever go hungry and that every person needs access to the freshest, best tasting and most nutritious meals possible.

We Sustain Maine brings locally grown food from the fields of Maine’s farms to the plates of Central and Midcoast Maine’s older and disabled adults.


MOW Program

Do you qualify for Home Delivered Meals also known as Meals on Wheels (MOW)?

The MOW program provides delicious, nutritionally- balanced meals for homebound individuals 60+ or to those with a disability who are unable to prepare a meal due to physical or mental limitations. If you think you or someone you know qualifies for Meals on Wheels, contact the Nutrition Coordinator in your area.

In the event that you don’t qualify for Meals on Wheels, we offer Maine-ly Delivered Meals. If you are a MaineCare Waiver Section 19 or “Older Adults and Adults with Disabilities Waiver,” then call 1(800) 639- 1553.

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Interested in becoming a We Sustain Maine/MOW volunteer?

Please contact our Volunteer Coordinator at:
or call
1 (800) 639-1553

Meals on Wheels
Meals on Wheels Loves Pets

Other Nutrition Opportunities

Social Dining

Dining at a Spectrum Generations' Community Center provides an opportunity to socialize with others, meet new friends and have a nutritious meal prepared by our accomplished chefs. Our dining experiences are often accompanied by local entertainment and interesting educational programs. Congregate diners (age 60 or older) are not required to pay, contributions are by donation, are voluntary and can be confidential. Contact one of our locations for more information.


Maine Pine Catering (MPC) is a business owned by Spectrum Generations, with the community in mind! Earnings from MPC services are reinvested in Spectrum Generations “We Sustain Maine” nutrition programs, including Meals on Wheels. When you engage with MPC, you are giving back to people in the community, thank you for the opportunity to cater your event. Maine Pine Catering offers fully customized menus to meet all tastes and budgets. Our beautifully renovated facilities offer plenty of room to accommodate up to 125 guests. Linen, A/V, lighting, and specialty china/flatware rentals are available. A catering trailer is available for a more food-truck style event if that is your vision, too! Book Your Event Today!



United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) is a once monthly food bank for those at least 60 years of age who meet income guidelines. To learn more, call 1-800-639-1553.

Organic Vegetables
Healthy Eating Plate

Nutrition Counseling

Personalized guidance to individuals who are at nutritional risk because of their health or nutritional history, dietary intake, chronic illness, or medication use. Nutrition counseling is provided by a registered dietitian (RD) or registered dietician nutritionist (RDN). Through a supportive, one-on-one counseling process, an RD/RDN can help you understand how diet affects your overall health. They can also help you plan healthy meals that meet your daily nutrition needs and lifestyle.

Nutrition Education

Eating well is a life-long journey that evolves as we age. Get information on maintaining healthy eating habits, preventing and identifying malnutrition, and staying hydrated to stay well. Nutrition education is information and guidance pertaining to food, including the kinds and amounts of food that are required to meet one's daily nutritional needs.

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Thank you to our local farmers and organizations that support this program!

Spectrum Generations partners with Good Shepard Food Bank of Maine, Central Maine Gleaners, Emery Farms in Wayne, Field of Greens in Albion, Hood Milk and other local farmers to continue our We Sustain Maine initiative. In 2023, 5,300 pounds of produce and 19,915 gallons of milk were procured and then distributed through Meals on Wheels and Social Dining as part of We Sustain Maine. Thank you for your support of our nutrition programs as We Sustain Maine, together!


In 2011, Spectrum Generations launched We Sustain Maine as a new initiative incorporated into our service delivery;  which includes Meals on Wheels throughout our six county service area and social dining at the Cohen Community Center in Hallowell and Muskie Community Center in Waterville. Each year we prepare, package and deliver over 300,000 meals to homebound older and disabled adults who live in rural Maine and provide over 30,000 meals to those who dine in our community centers. Although our Meals on Wheels and social dining menus have always been nutritious and geared to the tastes of those we serve – We Sustain Maine dedicates 30% or more of our purchasing volume to Maine made products and services.

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