Care Management Helps You Care for Your Loved One

What is Care Management? Care Management services help you coordinate care when you can't be there.  Care Management offers affordable individualized attention to assist family caregivers through the journey of caring for a loved one. We meet you at the point of need with quality support from our care management team. They will work closely with family members, health care providers, trustees, guardians and a carefully screened network of community services.

Afer employing our services you will have the answers and know the options available for your specific situation.



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How does Care Management help?

  • Care Managers conduct an individualized, unbiased, professional assessment, identify problems, research options and propose a plan of action.
  • Act as a liaison to families at a distance, making sure things are going well and alerting families to problems or concerns.
  • Arrange for trained and bonded assistants, and monitor the services.
  • Review financial, legal, or medical issues and offer referrals to appropriate geriatric specialists to avoid future issues.
  • Provide crisis intervention.
  • Obtain safe, reliable live-in services for your loved one to maintain their independence for as long as possible.
  • Provide consumer education and advocacy to care recipient and caregiver.
  • Referrals, supportive counseling and support services.
  • Care Management

Is Care Management right for you?

Our Care Manager can assist older individuals and their caregivers with the following:

  • Have multiple needs or already have services that need monitoring.
  • Contemplate a change of residence or placement in a care facility.
  • Need an adequate and dependable informal support system.
  • Be overwhelmed by complex family dynamics or living far away from family.
  • Live alone.
  • Be home bound due to physical or mental limitations.
  • Exhibit poor judgment.
  • Be unable to access care.
  • Require personal advocacy and support.

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