Carenect - More than a Medical Alert System

 Immediate access to answers with our custom system.




            With over 400 feet of effective range, it gives you piece of

            mind even when outside in the yard or unloading

            the groceries from the car.

            At the touch of a button you have access to help for

            making appointments, refilling prescriptions, or

            just someone to talk to.


 One of the ways to stay independant is to make sure you have a good backup system.  Bridges Home Care has worked with CST - Your Link to Life, to design a personal Emergency Response system that is for more than just emergencies.  With this system in place, you have things covered.


Our enhanced personal emergency response system not only provides peace of mind at the press of a button but has reminder messages. The system includes the option of both a water resistant neck and wrist pendant at the range of up to a 1,000 feet. The console can receive signals from up to 16 wireless transmitters, which would include any of the available adaptive accessories.


Reminder Messages – message acknowledgement can be monitored or unmonitored by the Care Center (i.e.: medication reminders, ride, appointment, etc.)

2-Way ClearVoice ‘Hands Free’ Connection – subscribers can talk hands free to the Care Center or callers by pressing the pendant button
Built-in, two-way speakerphone – with high-volume setting and high-sensitivity microphone

Comprehensive anti-failure protection features – including power failure and low or missing battery alerts, 32-hour backup battery, and programmable periodic test


                Piece of mind at the press of a button!



                     Call to request more information 1-800-876-9212 - or Click:  REQUEST INFO