Chronic Pain Workshop

Chronic Pain Workshop

The Chronic Pain Workshop is a 6-week workshop for those who want to learn ways to better manage their pain and health concerns.  The workshop is held once a week for 2 ½ hours for adults who have long-term or chronic pain lasting longer than 3 – 6 months, or beyond the normal healing time for an injury.

Participants of this interactive workshop learn ways to deal with frustration… fatigue… poor sleep… isolation. 

You will also learn appropriate exercises for maintaining and improving strength, flexibility, endurance…. techniques for pacing activity and rest… how to evaluate new treatments… appropriate use of medications… and much more.

Studies have shown that participants of the Chronic Pain Workshop gain immediate benefits: more vitality and energy… pain is reduced… more independent lifestyle… improved mental health… more involvement in everyday activities… more satisfaction with their lives.

Spectrum Generations is licensed by Stanford University to provide the Chronic Pain Self-Management Program (CPSMP)  ©Sandra M. LeFort and Lisa Sulyok.

For a schedule of classes or more information, contact Jennifer Fortin at 800-282-0764, ext. 1657 or [email protected].

Spectrum Generations is an equal opportunity provider.
Please let us know if you require special accommodations.

“Attending the Chronic Pain Workshop has given me courage to continue my life the best that I can.  I now know I’m not the only one dealing with pain and all the challenges.  I so much enjoyed getting to know everyone in the class!” 

--Carole, age 72, Carthage

“The Chronic Pain Workshop was exactly what I had been looking for for many years.  I learned how living with chronic pain affects my emotions.  I learned what effect sleep and diet have on my condition, how to get the most benefit from my medications, and how to better communicate with my loved ones and doctors.  I met others with similar situations and we worked together to find ways to improve our lives and cope with chronic pain.”      

-- Paul, age 49, Augusta