Adult DayBreak & Respite

Adult DayBreak and Respite Care

Adult DayBreak is an affordable licensed alternative to more expensive assisted living level services.  Anyone disabled or cognitively impaired may attend for an hourly fee, and financial assistance may be available for individuals who meet certain requirements.  Adult DayBreak services are available at four of our central Maine communities centers located in Belfast, Hallowell, Skowhegan, and Waterville.

Meet Patricia

Patricia is a consumer at our Adult DayBreak program at the Muskie Center. She had a goal to make a wall hanging while attending the program and her bigger goal was to keep it a secret. Jody-Lee Crews, one of the activity aides, helped her to make this a reality with her sewing skills and direction on this project. As the project completion came closer, Pat became more and more excited because this was going to be a surprise gift for her sister. After a few months and many hours of dedication, she accomplished both goals. 

She was very proud of her hard work and accomplishments.

Patricia was able to surprise her sister with this beautiful wall hanging.

The staff at the Adult DayBreak program are very proud of Pat for sticking to this lengthy project and reaching her goals!

Meet Maddy


Maddy has been coming to the program since December of 2009. She has not walked for over a year now and she does not push herself in her wheel chair at home. One day, Maddy asked our staff to get her coat. At the Muskie Center, we strive for our consumers to maintain their independence,so we encouraged Maddy to try and get it on her own by pushing herself in her wheelchair. 

We put her hands on the wheels and showed her how she easily she could move herself, and so she did.


She got her coat on her own and now does it daily.


A very special place for adults who need supportive daytime care

  • A safe, home-like environment
    Informal and accepting place
    where caregivers and their loved
    ones can gather for conversation,
    companionship, games
    and activities.
  • A variety of stimulating social activities
  • Self-esteem and dignity support
  • A nourishing lunch
  • Peace of mind and relief for caregivers
  • Health support
  • Qualified staff
  • Flexible hours

Adult Day Care Meant:
No Worries While at Work
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great experience with adult day care.


For more information about our Adult DayBreak programs, call our Consumer Helpline at 1-800-639-1553, TTY: 1-800-464-8703.

Spectrum Generations is an equal opportunity provider.
Please let us know if you require special accommodations.
Transportation Option: Click here for information on new transportation option available through Bridges Home Care.
Testimonial -- Barbara, Muskie Center Adult DayBreak, Waterville
"Attending the program gave my husband something of his own to look forward to and talk about. And he was able to stay home for at least two more years."    


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