A Matter of Balance: Managing Concerns About Falls

A Matter of Balance: Managing Concerns About Falls is an interactive workshop series designed to help reduce the risk of falls.  It reduces the fear of falling, and increases activity levels of older adults.  Matter of Balance is for those over age 60.  It is especially helpful if you are concerned about falls, have fallen in the past, or have restricted activities because of concerns about falling.  This course is for those interested in learning exercises to improve balance, flexibility and strength.  The two-hour classes are held once or twice a week for eight sessions. 

Participants will learn to view falls as controllable.  You will learn to set goals to increase physical activity and other healthy behaviors, and learn exercises to improve balance, strength and flexibility.  This course will help find ways to reduce fall risks in the home.

For a schedule of classes or more information, contact Jennifer Fortin at 800-282-0764, ext. 1657 or [email protected].

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Held at both the Muskie Community Center & the Cohen Community Center

Spectrum Generations is an equal opportunity provider.
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“I enjoyed A Matter of Balance. This workshop gave me the push to keep on exercising. I had been afraid of exercising until I learned what exercises are good for balance. I met very nice people too. I highly recommend these mild exercises and the Matter of Balance course.” --Cecile, age 74, Augusta (on the right)

“While attending the Matter of Balance class at the Cohen Center, I learned I shouldn’t take short cuts while carrying grocery bags upstairs. I now know I need to keep one hand free and use the railing. I made a new friend too. Cecile and I have gone to lunch together twice since meeting at the Matter of Balance class. Learning is fun when you have fun learning.” --Betsy, age 78, South China (on the left)

In addition to health education workshops and classes, Spectrum Generations offers many opportunities for adults to enhance health and wellness. Our activities and events at our community centers, and volunteer opportunities, all provide keys for a healthy, active lifestyle.