Meals on Wheels service fully restored in central Maine

(October 5, 2013 / Maine Today Media / Kennebec Journal / Morning Sentinel / Portland Press Herald)  In March, seniors who called for immediate help were instead put on a waiting list by Spectrum Generations, which delivers 300,000 meals each year to homebound seniors in 128 communities in six counties as part of a national Meals on Wheels program.  Click here to read article.


Donations Restore Funding to Central Maine's Meals on Wheels program

(September 26, 2013 / WGME TV13 evening news)  Central and coastal Maine's Meals on Wheels program has received a big boost from the community. So much so, program organizers say they've been able to restore funding to the program that was cut earlier this year by the sequester.  Click here to see video.


Cuts force agency to create Meals on Wheels waiting list

(August 21, 2013 / WMTW TV8 evening news) For the first time in its 40-year history, central and midcoast Maine's Meals on Wheels program has started a waiting list.  Click here to see video.


 Friends lend a hand as Meals On Wheels waiting list grows 

(April 11, 2013 / Maine Today Media)  Click here to read article


Our View: Sequester has big impact on less visible Mainers                      

(April 5, 2013 - Maine Today Media) Curtailing programs like Meals on Wheels will have a high cost for both seniors and taxpayers.   Click here to read full story.


Sequestration forces cuts in elderly care

(April 4, 2013 / The Coastal Journal)  Click here to read article.



Sequestration has ripple effects in Brunswick

(April 4, 2013 / The Forcaster) Click here to read article.



Federal budget cuts hit Meals on Wheels / Seniors placed on waiting lists

(March 30, 2013 / Maine Today Media - Kennebec Journal, Morning Sentinel, Portland Press Herald)  Across-the-board sequestration cuts to federal programs have left the Meals on Wheels program unable to deliver meals to some area seniors, leaving them struggling to feed themselves.  Click here to read full story.


Sequester hitting programs for seniors

(March 26, 2013/WCSH6 Evening News) Click here to see video and story.



Sequestration takes its toll on Mid-coast seniors

(March 25, 2013 / The Times Record) Cuts from sequestration have begun to be felt at local community centers for the elderly. Meals on Wheels and a twice-weekly community meal served to seniors through Spectrum Generations have both been cut. More...



Congress fiddles while sequester burns seniors  

(March 24, 2013 / Maine Today Media Kennebec Journal and Morning Sentinel)  People who say sequestration is necessary because federal government spending is out of control and our national debt is an unconscionable liability to future generations are simultaneously right and wrong. People who say that a larger government is the answer to our nation's woes and increasing taxes is the only solution are both right and wrong. Click here to read full story.


Federal Cuts Hurt Meals on Wheels

[WGME TV13 Evening News-March 20, 2013]


Letter from the CEO to Consumers and Friends of Spectrum Generations

(March 15, 2013) For the last several weeks my staff, our Board of Directors and I have been working to determine where best to make budget cuts while causing the least harm to our mission and our staff.  Click here to read entire letter.


Sequestration Budget Cuts Impact on Maine's Older and Disabled Adults

(March 2013) Gerard Queally, Spectrum Generations President & CEO guest appearance on Mature Lifestyle to talk about sequestration and its devastating impact on programs and services to Maine's older and disabled Adult.  Click here to view segment


Good Day Maine Broadcast - Sequester Cuts

(March 1, 2013)  Click here to view video and story



How the looming spending cuts will affect Maine

AUGUSTA (WGME) -- (Feb. 26, 2013) In less than three days, $85 billion in automatic spending cuts will take effect, unless Congress reaches a deal. Click here to view story and vidio clip.


Act to Stop Sequester Cuts Today

(Feb. 26, 2013) This week, Congress returned to Washington, DC from a week-long recess, no closer to averting the March 1st across-the-board cuts called “the sequester”. These automatic cuts to programs and services that support Maine seniors will be devastating.   Read more.... 


Sequestration and Maine Jobs

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Sequestration:  A Bad Idea That Won't Solve the Real Problems

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Sequestration: A Balanced Solution

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